MTDPOLYSTOP™ Valve-to-Fitting Adapters For attaching aluminum valves to POLYSTOP™ fittings.. Product #: STOPPEMACH&ACC

MTDPOLYSTOP™ Valve-to-Fitting Adapters

Note: These adapters are included with the purchase of a POLYSTOP™ double-position kit.

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Valve-to-Fitting Adapters with Support Clamps

These innovative adapters do much more than connect the valve to the fitting. They also support the equipment and transfer stresses out of the electrofusion joint. 

  • Designed to clamp around the pipe, offering support for the tapping and plugging equipment.
  • Easy to install and lightweight.
  • May aid in re-rounding pipe if used prior to completing the electrofusion process. 



 Adaptation & Support in One Tool


The MTDPOLYSTOP™ Aluminum Valve-To-Fitting Adapter is used to mate the ANSI 150 bolt pattern of the Aluminum Valve to the smaller, 'Type II' pattern of the POLYSTOP™ fitting.

The plate is machined from billet aluminum and anodized to form a tough, lightweight adapter.  



Easy Adjustability

The adapter includes removable clamping legs which connect to the pipe on both sides of the fitting. These legs transfer stress forces away from the fitting and onto the pipe, making the entire assembly far more stable.

The clamping legs are independently adjustable to ensure consistent, tight contact with the surface of the pipe.




Tool-Free Installation


The clamping elements are equipped with hand knobs for tool-free installation. Simply swing the bottom half of the clamp underneath the pipe, bring the latch to the top and tighten the knob. 

The clamp rings may also be used independently of the adapter plate as re-rounding clamps during the fusion process. in this case, a wrench can be used to tighten the knob for extra clamping force.




Datasheet - Equipment Needed for 3×4 Polystop

Datasheet - Equipment Needed for 4×6 Polystop

Datasheet - Equipment Needed for 6×8 Polystop

Datasheet - Equipment Needed for 8×12 Polystop

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