MTDPOLYSTOP™ Plugging Machines Stop flow through a section of in-service HDPE pipe up to 125 psi! .. Product #: STPEMACH&ACC

MTDPOLYSTOP™ Plugging Machines

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Plugging Machines for HDPE Pipe

The MTDPOLYSTOP™ System is designed to stop flow through an in-service section of 4”, 6”. 8” or 12” polyethylene pipe up to 125 psi.

  • Designed to be lightweight, which saves operator fatigue and eliminates harmful stresses on HDPE pipe.
  • Familiar folding-head operation.
  • SDR-specific sealing elements for the best sealing performance.



 Permanent Relocation of Existing Mainlines


The MTDPOLYSTOP™ plugging machine is ideal for stopping flow through an existing mainline for abandonment after a permanent relocation line has been installed.

M.T. Deason also offers size-on-size electrofusion hot tapping valves & branch saddles through 8"× 8" IPS for this purpose.



Permanent Repair following an Emergency Squeeze

MTDPOLYSTOP™ is also commonly used for replacing a section of pipe that has been squeezed in an emergency.

The temporary bypass ports on the housings of both plugging machines allow service to remain uninterrupted downstream of the section being replaced.




Gear Up


The MTDPOLYSTOP™ System is now available in convenient kits by size. Each kit includes all the equipment needed to perform a double-position stop operation:

  • Two aluminum valves
  • Two plugging machines
  • Two sets of each SDR sealing elements
  • Two plugging heads
  • Two nosepeices
  • A POLYSTOP™ cutter & pilot
  • Two aluminum valve-to-fitting adapters

All kit items are packed in an aluminum case with custom-cut supporting foam so everything has its place.

These double-position kits are perfect for short-notice jobs, or just to keep everything organized.



What's Included

Each MTDPOLYSTOP™ machine includes:

  • Control Bar
  • Plugging Housing
  • Handle Bar Set
  • Control Bar Jack Assembly
  • Jack Handle
  • Storage / Carrying Case




Datasheet - Equipment Needed for 3×4 Polystop

Datasheet - Equipment Needed for 4×6 Polystop

Datasheet - Equipment Needed for 6×8 Polystop

Datasheet - Equipment Needed for 8×12 Polystop

MTDPOLYSTOP™ Marketing Flyer


Available Sizes & Item IDs:

Item ID


4x6 STOPPE0406

6x8 STOPPE0608

8x12 STOPPE0812



Machine Specifications


3×4 - 35lbs

4×6 - 44lbs

6×8 - 56lbs

8×12 - 98lbs

Max Operating Pressure

150 psi

Plugging Housing Material

6061 Aluminum

Control Bar Material

Gr. 2 Titanium

Plugging Housing Interface Type

3×4 - 3" NPT

4×6 - 4" ANSI 150 Flange

6×8 - 6" ANSI 150 Flange

8×12 - 8" ANSI 150 Flange