MTDPOLYSTOP™ Aluminum Valves Lightweight aluminum valves for the MTDPOLYSTOP™ plugging system... Product #: STPEMACH&ACC

MTDPOLYSTOP™ Aluminum Valves

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Aluminum Sliding-Gate Control Valves

Specialty valves designed specifically for the MTDPOLYSTOP™ line plugging system. 

  • Designed to be low-profile & lightweight.
  • Simple, familiar operation. 
  • Tough anodized coating resists wear and corrosion.
  • MAOP 150psi



 Light. Tough. Simple. 


The MTDPOLYSTOP™ Aluminum Control Valve is a purpose-built sliding-gate type valve for use with our line plugging equipment. These valves are designed to be tough and durable, but also light and portable. CNC machined aluminum construction means huge weight savings when compared to steel valves of the same size:

  • 3" - 24 lbs
  • 4" - 46 lbs
  • 6" - 55 lbs
  • 8" - 98 lbs

The standard ANSI 150 stud pattern also allows these valves to be used with other popular tapping and plugging equipment if desired. 

The phonograph finish on the mating surfaces of the valve helps gaskets to bite, preventing leakage between the valve and other equipment. 



Familiar Operation

The MTDPOLYSTOP™ valve features quick, 1/4-turn operation via a 1/2" square operator. Each valve ships with an operating tool.

An internal bypass allows pressure to be equalized between the bottom and top side of the primary valve gate. This relieves directional stress from the valve gate which eases operating torque. The reduction of differential pressure also prevents debris from scarring the face of the gate, which increases the valve's service life. 




Easy Installation


Assembling the valve into the MTDPOLYSTOP™ system is quick and simple. 

On 3×4 plugging operations, the electrofusion fitting, tapping housing & plugging housing are equipped with 3" MPT connections. When assembling the system, simply thread the 3" FPT valve onto the fitting, then thread the housing into the top of the valve. 

On all other sizes, the valve is connected to the fitting and other equipment via lug studs arranged in the familiar ANSI 150 pattern. 




Datasheet - Equipment Needed for 3×4 Polystop

Datasheet - Equipment Needed for 4×6 Polystop

Datasheet - Equipment Needed for 6×8 Polystop

Datasheet - Equipment Needed for 8×12 Polystop

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