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Questions related to MTD AutoFuse, BatteryFuse, and miniMAXX processors.

The MTD BatteryFuse Electrofusion Processor is intended for installing service lines, and performs best on small-OD fittings and saddles. The following list shows how many of each type of fitting can be fused on a fully charged battery:

  • 1¼" ~ 12" standard or high-volume tapping tees - 30
  • 2" ~ 12" branch saddles - 30
  • 1" and smaller coupling-interface* fittings - 90
  • 2" coupling-interface fittings - 18
  • 3" coupling-interface fittings - 4
  • 4" coupling-interface fittings - 2

Due to output current requirements, fittings over 4" OD should not be fused with a battery-powered processor.


*'coupling-interface fittings' refers to any fitting with a coupling-type joint and includes couplings, 45° elbows, 90° elbows, 3-way tees, end caps & reducers.


These quantities are based on the performance of MTD TRI FUSION fittings, and may vary with other manufacturers' fittings.



A processor error code can be caused by anything from dirty leads to a corrupted memory



All processor error codes and troubleshooting suggestions can be found by clicking the 'Processor Error Codes' menu option to the left.


Error codes are also listed in your processor operator's manual.

Questions concerning steel & polyethylene hot tapping systems.

Nominal sizes and actual sizes are different. The actual size of the cutter for the POLYTAPP system is smaller than the nominal size, due to the dimensional restraints of passing the cutter through a branch saddle. The actual sizes are listed below:


2" POLYTAPP Cutter - 1.50" OD

4" POLYTAPP Cutter - 3.35" OD

6" POLYTAPP Cutter - 4.72" OD

8" POLYTAPP Cutter - 5.88" OD